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High similarity typically implies shared genetic ancestry with these populations, assuming that the primeval population structure of the Druze has been largely preserved through endogamous practices and limited conversions.

This approach has been widely used in previous genetic studies, focusing on uniparental chromosomes.

The Druze are an aggregate of communities in the Levant and Near East living almost exclusively in the mountains of Syria, Lebanon and Israel whose ~1000 year old religion formally opposes mixed marriages and conversions.

Prior to applying GPS to elucidate the biogeographical affinity of Druze, we sought to trial its accuracy on Afro-Eurasian populations.Our search for the region affiliated with the population structure of Druze focused on North Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe covering the biogeographical affinity predicted by each hypothesis (Table 1).All biogeographical inferences were carried out using the geographic population structure (GPS) tool.Almost half of the total population of Druze live on Mount Hauran, alternatively known as Jabal al-Durūz, or the Mountain of the Druze, south of Damascus.The remainder live in the Lebanese Mounts Lebanon and Shuf and the Israeli Mount Carmel, Golan Heights and the Upper Galilee region.

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