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During the implementation and as long as a school remains in the , Franklin Covey invests significant time and research on current trends and developments in the fields of education, leadership, and culture.

What I didn’t foresee was how much it would help him outside of school. Evan has asked to have friends over to play this year, and recently asked to have a birthday party with friends from school….

schools seek improvements in three areas – leadership, culture, and academics – and have access to the Measurable Results Assessment (MRA) to help them measure performance in these areas.

The MRA is a rigorously developed tool used to annually collect, analyze, and report student-, staff-, and school-level outcomes related to the focus on improving leadership, culture, and academics.

The study investigated the awareness, satisfaction, and experiences of parents whose children attend : Gayle Gonzalez: “Our daughter was in fourth grade; a new boy came to her classroom with significant anger issues.

The way the teacher handled this student was inspiring.

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is an evidence-based program and it is making a measurable impact on schools all over the world and in the lives of millions of students, parents, teachers, and administrators.