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I was furious and considered canceling the trip and relieving him of his duties right then.Thankfully, I kept my cool and this was a one-time faux pas – with that guy.Evolving social support and activities may change opportunities for sex and intimacy.Partners may disappear through death or moving away, or appear, such as when meeting new people after moving to an aging community.Another thing that happens far too frequently is that people seem to think it’s hilarious to give me juvenile nicknames, most of which have something to do with my wheelchair. Yes, they are accurate insofar as they describe how I drive my chair.But they’re also all references to children’s cartoons or toys.Another myth is that older adults are so medically fragile that sexual activity is dangerous. Recent studies have shown that healthy older adults are more likely to have sex.Even when chronic illnesses are present, sexual abstinence is not a foregone conclusion.

We found that older adults who routinely talk with health care providers about sexual matters are more likely to be sexually active, despite sexual dysfunctions or other health issues.

These changes may alter our sexual desires, expression and the frequency in which we engage in sexual activities with partners.

For example, sexual functioning and activity may decrease over time, but having open communication with a partner who is responsive to our needs can increase our feelings of intimacy and desire, and in turn stimulate sexual activity.

More importantly, he or she may feel more sexually desirable and confident than their younger self.

A second myth is that older adults lack interest in and desire for sexual activity – and that they are somehow asexual.

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Over one-third of adults over age 65 use social media or internet technologies.