Adultfishdating co aust

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Adultfishdating co aust

At this website, the first timers can try a free chat session with some of the selected models.

Having done a quick search on the Internet, we realised that there aren’t many pages showing decent fishing jokes, and those that do seem to care little about how good the jokes are.

When her fry start dropping, the other platies will tend to see her as a vending machine with fins, dispensing free snacks. If your breeding container doesn't separate mom from the fry, she might be able to eat some of her little babies during this time period (I've read that she won't eat them for a few hours after giving birth, but I have seen them swallow a fry IMMEDIATELY after birthing it. If you see as many fry in the breeder as you want (or can take care of), go ahead and move her back into the tank. Few fish will be able to resist the sight of a fresh, juicy fry swimming past their noses. If you want to save as many as possible, invest a few dollars/euros/whatever in a breeder box or breeding net. The general idea is that the mother is placed in the breeding trap, she gives birth, she is removed, and the fry are kept inside until they are big enough to fend for themselves (in a species tank, this may be as brief as a couple of weeks).

If you miss a couple, well, she'd probably have eaten at least that many anyway. If you want to do things the "natural" way, just have lots of hiding places where the fry can go to escape the other fish.

Doing this will prevent the male from harassing a single female. Usually, not much effort is required to get them to breed.

Another common question is "what kind of fish can live with them? If you have a male and a female, chances are they will breed.

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