April margera dating dating at your church

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April margera dating

The incident took place when West Chester resident Elizabeth Ray, whose home shares a wall with Margera's club, saw the star leave the premises for a cigarette at around 2AM and decided to confront him about the noise that had been keeping her awake.

Things escalated very quickly, according to Margera's friend Tammy Palumbo.

Margera's future as a daredevil seemed set in stone from an early age after he picked up the worrying but ultimately profitable habit of running straight into walls and jumping off coffee tables in his family home.

His grandfather, having witnessed this self-destructive behavior on several occasions, started to call him Bam Bam, which was eventually shortened to Bam.

It stuck, and after he became known to millions through his bone-crunching exploits on MTV he decided to make it his legal name.

Ray is said to have continued her attack verbally as Palumbo cradled Margera's gashed and bloodied head, supposedly yelling "I'll hit him again and I'll make sure I kill him next time." Margera's concussion meant he had to miss the shooting of the epic final scene in the Elizabeth Ray's version of the events that took place outside the Note that night differed somewhat from the report that Margera and Palumbo gave to the West Chester police.Currently, the stunt performer is facing a lot of problems with his wife, Nikki and is dealing with a lot of issues related to his rehab stints and alcohol addiction.Nicole had been dating her then-boyfriend Bam since 2012 and later the two got married on October 5, 2013.According to The Easter Egg Archive, the scene can be accessed by pressing enter when the camera zooms in on Jenn's private area as the movie fades to black.and their hidden sex tape, Bam Margera and Jenn Rivell ended their seven-year relationship and went their separate ways, though according to Margera, his ex was less than pleased about the breakup.

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Their wedding ceremony took place in Reykjavik, Iceland and for the event, only their close family members and friends were invited.