Baseball dating sayings

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You may be clear in your own mind as to the correct spelling for each of these.

Whichever you opt for you will have no difficulty in finding supporting examples in print.

According to John Beattie of NESN, it could've had something to do with hat manufacturers promising free merchandise to players in exchange for a three-goal night.

Still, others think the history dates back much further, to a 19th century cricket match."Southpaw" is just another term for a lefty, but where did it come from?

Some of these phrases are more common than others, so let's work our way down the list.

However, the reasons for this specific word and its earliest uses are not completely clear.The word "love" generally means adoration, affection and, you know, warm fuzzies. The origins of this word as a part of scoring are the subject of some dispute.In baseball, the letter "K" represents a strikeout.In the USA, 'bail' is almost always used for all variants.Let's take the meanings for which there is a degree of agreement about the spelling.

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Like other dubious sports phrases, "nutmeg" has disputed origins.

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  2. This absurd notion was demolished by Adam Smith centuries ago — but it still keeps raising its ugly head, and the uninformed mob salivates every time some idiot proposal like this is floated.