Belkin g wireless validating identity

Posted by / 17-Jan-2020 01:37

Belkin g wireless validating identity

Hi, I bought a Belkin G USB wireless adapter to use with my PC.

I've installed the software for it, plugged it in, but my computer fails to recognize it... Also, you can navigate to the control panel, into the "System" application to find out. For example, if you have a 64 bit copy, it will look similar to this: Notice the "x64 Edition." If it were only the 32 bit version, it would just say "Professional" without the x64.You can also access the "System" application by typing in the run box and pressing enter. If you do indeed have a 64 bit version of windows, you will need a 64 bit driver for your adapter as the 32 bit drivers are designed differently. Find and expand the "Network Adapters" category by clicking the plus sign next to it. Also, do you notice any exclamation points next to any of the devices in device manager?I didn't really understand what I was doing with these latter three processes, but nothing has worked, anyway! Xp and vista are two completely different platforms, each require a different driver type.If you give me the exact make and model (and version if given) of your wireless adapter, I can try to locate an updated driver for your xp machine. Bell It's a Belkin Wireless G USB Network adapter. FCC ID: RAXWN4501HHowever, last time I reinstalled the driver software on the PC, I located it on the Belkin site and used the 4xxxx driver, which said it's compatible with XP and Vista (I have no CD rom with software for the adapter). Just to confirm the correct driver, visit the following site: Bell Computer/Network Specialist Comp TIA A , IC3Hi, This did not work.

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For example, mine shows "Windows Vista Home Premium" at the top of the dialog box.