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Best dating site silicon valley

After another failed deal with Kenan Feldspar and quitting his job at Bream-Hall, Erlich then decides that he and Richard will never be successful and moves away to Tibet to join Gavin Belson at a monastery at the end of season 4.In season 5, Erlich isn't present and Jian-Yang tries to prove he's dead in order to take Erlich's house and stake in Pied Piper. However, Big Head is proved to be Erlich's next of kin and ends up getting the house and the Pied Piper share.

Richard quits his job to pursue his compression application Pied Piper.In season 4, Big Head takes a position as a Computer Science instructor at Stanford University.In season 5, after discovering that he never formally severed his arrangement with Erlich, Big Head is legally Erlich's next-of-kin and gains ownership of Erlich's house and 10% ownership of Pied Piper from Jian-Yang.Big Head then buys a majority stake in Piper Chat following the sale of a technology blog he and Erlich owned.Due to his poor business skills, his father takes over control of his share on his behalf.

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When Richard starts his new company using the Pied Piper trademark, Erlich then owns 10% of the new company while keeping his PR job at the old company which is eventually deleted.