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His greatest loves in life are writing, being a family man, and entertaining readers with his take on pop culture as it continues to change throughout the years. Meredith collects data to deliver the best content, services, and personalized digital ads.Watch Now Things get sticky in this Notting Hill love triangle composed of Tucker Crowe (Ethan Hawke), an international superstar; Duncan (Chris O’Dowd), his biggest fan; and Annie (Rose Byrne), Duncan’s girlfriend and Tucker’s new romance. Watch Now De Anna Janes is a freelance writer and editor for a number of sites, including Harper’s BAZAAR, Tasting Table, Fast Company and Brit Co, and is a passionate supporter of animal causes, copy savant, movie dork and reckless connoisseur of all holidays.

Wake has been a freelance writer for the past several years now and has continued to do what he loves to do while attempting to get his work out to the masses.

"The Dark Knight Rises" actress continued to tease MTV News' Josh Horowitz, saying that there was no food on the set because the production behind "One Day" spent all their money on this complex "chemistry test." Jim tossed in his own two cents, saying that this was "the only chemistry test I've ever passed." All joking aside, Anne said she wasn't a big fan of having meetings to determine chemistry and much preferred straight auditions.

It's a question she's been asked frequently during press rounds, and she seems to think that people are missing the point of how a spark between two characters is portrayed in movies.

A romance about two teenaged overachievers on the debate team who motor-mouth through their loathing for one another, this one is like Alexander Payne's Kevin Kwan made people pee their pants with his crazy-hilarious summer 2014 debut about a bunch of snooty Singaporeans who converge for a wedding. brought the soapy riot to decadent life with an Like smoke pluming from a manhole, the steady stream of original content filling every nook of Netflix is never-ending.

But keep scrolling until you find Claire Scanlon’s sleeper hit: an unexpected delight about two assistants (Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell) who play matchmaker for their bosses (Lucy Liu, Taye Diggs) with, of course, nothing going to plan.

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