Boost failed updating 2 targets Parachat adult

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Build differs by requiring that all build properties are declared in advance, and providing a large set of properties with portable semantics. Instead, the "top-level" metatargets are called with the properties specified on the command line.

Each metatarget can elect to augment or override some properties (in particular, using the requirements mechanism, see the section called “Requirements”).

process_cpu_Command-line error: invalid Microsoft version number: 89 compilation aborted for libs\chrono\src\process_cpu_(code 4) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I noticed that the is not in the directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\composer xe 2013 sp1\bin\intel64" as it is in one directory back at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\composer xe 2013 sp1\bin", so I made a copy of it and put it in the intel64 directory and ran again.

Multi-threaded compilation is another example of a typical target requirement.

The Jamfile fragment below illustrates how these requirements might be specified. However, as projects grow, that approach leads to a great deal of repeated boilerplate in Jamfiles. Each project can specify a set of without explicitly specifying any targets on the command line builds the project rooted in the current directory.

I tried to replace "-llibboost_filesystem..." with "-lboost_filesystem..." but it does the same.

Hello, I am trying to build Boost 1.55 on Windows with the instructions I found here: So after I do the bootstrap from the Intel cmd prompt, I do: D:\vs2013 projects\boost_1_55_0bjam toolset=intel address-model=32 I get a ton of errors like this: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- call "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\composer xe 2013 sp1\bin\intel64//iclvars .bat" nul icl @"bin.v2\libs\chrono\build\intel-win\debug\address-model-32\link-static\thre ading-multi\thread_rsp" ...failed compile-c-c bin.v2\libs\chrono\build\intel-win\debug\address-model-3 2\link-static\threading-multi\thread_..

boost failed updating 2 targets-30boost failed updating 2 targets-79boost failed updating 2 targets-8

The following table explains where the files are searched. Build toolsets will use that path to take additional actions required before invoking the compiler, such as calling vendor-supplied scripts to set up its required environment variables.