Cesium dating sediments

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Intercalation of Pt under monolayer graphene on Pt(111) induces a substrate reconstruction that is qualitatively different from the lattice rearrangement induced by metal deposition on Pt(111) and, specifically, the homoepitaxy of Pt. The radiological characterization of the topsoil of the L-54M reactor surroundings carried out in this work aims at obtaining the reference blank point for the forthcoming decommissioning operations and ascertain if unexpected radionuclide release occurred during the operational life of the plant.

Here, we demonstrate in a computational study that ligands can also strongly affect redox properties of clusters.Results show that the SAXS intensity profiles of the brush appears to be “insensitive” to the concentration of Na⁺. With the use of an in situ and static method for gamma-ray measurements, levels of radioactive cesium 137 on shallow rugged reefs which lie between 37.3° N and 37.4° N, from the coastline of Fukushima to 141.06° E, at a depth of around 10 m were surveyed for the first time from May 2016 to December 2017.To confirm the contact between the detector and a surface of rock, we used a fact that potassi ......Attaching phosphine ligands to simple metal, noble metal, semiconducting, metal-oxide, and metal-chalcogen clu ......The role of exciton–phonon coupling in light emission in cesium lead bromide (Cs Pb Br₃) nanosheets is investigated with combined photoluminescence spectroscopy and the multimode Brownian oscillator model.

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The PDC complexes of alkali metal ions exhibit unique crystal structures due to the diverse coordination numbers of the metal ion.

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