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Christian dating advice for singles

Your goal should be to find out more about him by observing his wants and needs, understanding his personality and identifying his love language (highly recommended).

You also get to discuss what his idea of a healthy relationship vs.

Discuss topics such as purpose, personal and spiritual growth, marriage and family.

Of course, these topics don’t necessarily need to be implemented right away, but they will help you get an idea of his level of commitment and whether he is ready for a long-term relationship or marriage.

Being intentional about your life together is what differentiates dating from courtship.

As you might know, I believe that setting boundaries is the number one way to inspire a man to commit.

In order to date with purpose, your partner and you should have a common or complementary vision for the things you would like to see transformed in the world.

It could be something small, like honoring God with your musical talents by becoming part of the worship team at your church.

The beauty about your purpose is that he will send you people to add to your team.

You get to enjoy each other’s company, but you are also very intentional about progressing the relationship.

You start to merge your lives, meet each other’s families and get help from wise council.

However, even if it wasn’t, setting dating boundaries is still my most used Christian relationship advice as it helps you to guard your heart.

Because when you set boundaries you get to pace your emotional, physical and financial investment into the relationship and learn to give as you receive rather than overextending yourself.

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Moreover, it will help you to hold each other accountable and decrease the risk to get stuck in a situationship.

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