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He or she will need a complete set of them (one for every colour of the church’s seasons: green, purple, white, and red; blue is also used in some regions).Stoles can be costly, so this gift will be very much appreciated.Then, make an appointment to see the bishop of your diocese, and may the Lord bless you in your journey. Gifts directly associated with ordination are most commonly given, but generic gifts are quite suitable as well.Gifts directly associated with ordination: The most common and suitable gift for an ordinand, particularly someone being ordained deacon, is a stole.

In this diocese, potential candidates for ordination must be active in an Anglican parish, and before they are even considered for ordination, they must be recommended by a group of that parish’s active leaders.The question commonly put to a candidate is, “How do you know that your call is to ordination, and not just to a deeply committed Christian life as a lay person?” The final screening level happens in the form of a weekend regional conference, involving clergy and laypersons from several dioceses, who will intensively interview a large number candidates from all the participating dioceses. For some it ends with a recommendation that the candidate not be ordained; for others a letter of recommendation is sent to their bishop.As well, good stoles are not cheap, and you may be wise to pool together with others in the purchase.A gift stole may be presented before the ordination if it is in the liturgical colour of the service, because the gift’s significance would be doubled were it to be used in the actual ceremony.

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(2) Clergy in some parts of the church do not choose to use this type of vestment at all, so you have to know what you’re doing.

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