Commonly asked dating abuse questions

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In a psychopathic relationship, you are not allowed to have emotions or be hurt by anything they do, otherwise you know you can be replaced in a heartbeat.

This is because the psychopath punished you when you stood up for yourself, conditioning you with the silent treatment whenever you expressed your feelings.

But the thing is, you still have every chance at happiness.We do not have a hierarchy of abuse, because no personality disorder is better or worse than another.Here on PF, there's no such thing as “just a narcissist”. Even after being cheated on, lied to, belittled, manipulated and criticized, you'll continue to hyper-focus on the small things you did wrong. During the early stages of recovery, this question will repeat itself, over and over again. You're so accustomed to absorbing the blame for everything that you find it difficult—almost impossible—to place the blame where it actually belongs.

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