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This pipe may be attributed to Comoy because of the exactly same "1933 Chicago" stampings of this Chheda Pipes are produced in Columbus, Ohio by Premal Chheda and Bill Shalosky (since 2007) in the Smokers' Haven Workshop. Markings: each pipe is marked "CHHEDA USA" and with a three digit stamp in the order it was made. The CHP-X brand is named after Chuck Holiday which Kabik replaces in 1971 when the former leaves the wokshop. After this period Kabik created the Sven-Lar brand and produced it together with Glen Hedelson.Churchill's tobacco shop is situated in St Andrew's Street at the corner of Bridewell Alley.Period: 1933 until 1945 (with the bar logo) After WWII the bar logo has been replaced by the 3 pieces inlaid C.A straight (one or two lines) "London Made" stamping may be found on Comoy's pipes from 1902 until about 1915. The “C” logo was first inlaid in the side of the mouthpiece around 1919.

In front of it is a standard sized Tradition in the author shape, #256.

The Birmingham Assay Office hallmarks display a "l" year letter which applies for 1910.

Notice the early Comoy's stamp with a tail after the "s".

The warehouse had a workshop in which pipe carvers as famous as Søren Eric Andersen stayed a time.

As a matter of fact Karl Erik Ottendahl was not the only contributor to this label.

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Sometime in the 1980s, Comoy was bought or absorbed into Cadogan Industries, who continue to make the Comoy pipe today.