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In 1996, a paranormal touring company announced that it would conduct “Ghost Expeditions” at several well-known haunted historic locations in Hollywood and downtown.

For its first-ever investigation, I paid and was allowed to ghost hunt at the Hollywood Knickerbocker, the Alexandria Hotel, the Oban Hotel (now the Hollywood Hotel on Yucca Street) and the Vogue Theatre.

Within three months of our conversation, he moved out and the efficiency became a storage unit.

The third incident occurred after I moved to Los Angeles.

Well, if someone had told me thirty years ago that I would one day be a paranormal author, historical researcher and an Old Hollywood style photographer, I would have laughed and thought the notion was absurd.

To pay for the mansion’s restoration, the Snows bought and sold antiques, which is how my parents met them. Because Gage and I were friends, I was at Waverley quite often.

Although I love all of those subjects, I was too thick-headed and skeptically minded to fuse it all together. Looking back, I’d say that it took six major events, or stepping stones, that led to me creating ‘Haunted by History; Separating the Facts and Legends of Eight Historic Hotels and Inns in Southern California.’The first event occurred when I was about six years old.

So much so, that I still can’t bring myself to drive past the school that currently exists at that location. I had decided to embark on an ambitious writing and photography project for a non-paranormal Old Hollywood story set in the late 1920s.

To accomplish this, I wanted to shoot in an authentic, Old Hollywood style location so I decided upon the Mission Inn in Riverside, California.

He released his debut solo album, A Dream Is a Question You Don't Know How to Answer, in 2009.

He has one sister named Natalie and two half-siblings.

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I guess you can say that this experience triggered my skepticism. At that time, I was working as a script production assistant on a television series at Warner Bros. My chief responsibility was to copy and deliver scripts all over the lot, the sound stage and stars homes.

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