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Dating a guy with lots of female friends

It may sound crass, but it certainly helps being friends with someone of the opposite sex whom you're not at all attracted to.

That very well could be why some of my best relationships with women worked so well.

It's a great mating strategy, so that's why you have to keep revisiting those boundaries and keep defining the relationship." By looking into those boundaries and defining what is going on, you're benefitting your partner, your friend, and yourself.

And shouldn't all relationships be kept fresh by way of a check-in?

‘My ex boyfriend claimed not to have any female friends for months when we started dating and I couldn’t understand it.

Having a platonic friend of the opposite sex gives you an abridged view of the mysteries and idiosyncrasies of that gender and might even let you know if you're doing something that's potentially annoying the hell out of your partner. So, when you have a friend who's been with you through thick and thin, that style of friendship becomes a how-to guide on ways to make sure the rest of your friends don't feel like they're being pushed aside.Instead of slamming him for viewing women as purely potential sex objects, rather than friends or confidants or companions, we took the piss.But, while we were taking the piss, we missed the point.How can you spend every weekend in a private members club and not talk to any women?‘It was only after I pushed and pushed (after seeing multiple Whats App messages to women) that he admitted that he had some pretty close ones.

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When you're dating someone, you get an abbreviated view of how his or her mind works.