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No matter when the next car show is, or how far, be prepared to be there.Not only that, but be prepared to be educated on every car at every show from engines, to tires, to paint. He wants to be sure you don't accidentally scratch the paint, so he will insist on opening the door for you.Whether it's at the mall, or the movies, the far spot in the very back is where you will be parked every time. Even after all of those listed items, car guys are by far the best kind of guys out there.Not only do they treat their car with kindness and compassion, but they treat their girlfriends like that too.I had a very complicated pregnancy and he didn’t help me do anything. You let him sit up in your home smoking weed, with no car, and not contributing to the household for three years. I love how some of you women will complain about your man, but you knew what you were getting when you met him, and you overlook all of his “none having” things because you are so desperate to have a man. Because he bought you some Juicy Couture sweat pants. You should have encouraged him to save his money to get his own place, and to get a car! Your man didn’t have –ish, wasn’t about –ish, and still ain’t about –ish. You want to find a man who is broke, no job, no motivation, no ambition, living with his momma, smokes weed all day, no car, and hangs with his boys all day and all night.He was so mean to me and I had finally called him one thing a man hates to be called, “a b***h.” He left again and this time he took a TV, computer, toaster, and all the things to make me upset. Now that I’m around people with a lot more money I want more success so I’m trying to push him too. He still has no car, he wants to smoke weed and sit at home. He’s a horrible babysitter, a terrible lover, and I’m just through with him. Desperation will make you do some dumb a** -ish, like moving him into YOUR home. And, because he bought you some clothes and shoes, and spoiled you and your son, you thought he was the perfect guy. At least a homeless man will go look for work, motive himself to find food, and use the local library to read, use the computer, and at least search for a job. The only thing he brings to the table is some d**k, and because he has a few moves in bed, and makes love to you, welp, no. He freaks you and you mistakenly think he’s making love to you because you’re in love.

Conversations will normally consist of his next waxing, the newest part he plans to buy, or how clean his car happens to look that day.You will never go a day, let alone an hour uninformed about the current state of his car.Don't expect fancy dates or expensive jewelry, instead expect to be the loudest car rolling through the drive-thru.He’d spoil me, buy me clothes and shoes, and spoil my son. About three months into the relationship I decided to let him move into my apartment that I had just moved in 4 months prior. I packed his clothes and he was gone for about 3 days. I wasn’t excited because I didn’t want another child unless I was married. If he was so perfect, then he shouldn’t have been buying you those gifts, and you shouldn’t have accepted them. Please explain to me what is so different about your man and a homeless man? Chile, I swear you women love these “Fixer-upper” relationships. About a year into our relationship he decided to quit his job and the bills began to pile up on me.

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