Dating a senior in college

Posted by / 08-Jan-2020 03:34

My first question for you is should I stop going after this girl and look for other girls my age?

On one hand I don't want to feel like I'm taking advantage of a brand new freshman college girl.He tried to get me to go to her softball game with him. We had a small discussion about this matter, and he basically said that I should be "all over" the opportunity to meet 17-18-19 year olds at that softball game.My dad tried to get me to go to his girlfriend's daughter's high school graduation party, implying the same thing.For whatever reason (maturity level, how old I look maybe) I seem to attract girls that are around 20 years old.Normally I go for girls within 2-3 years of my age but this situation is weird for me.

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) but this is the first girl in awhile that I've had some kind of chemistry with, minus the age difference this seems like a good chance for me to give dating another go. the reason not to date someone younger than you is incompatibility, and if you seem to be compatible then what's the problem? Unless we talk more and my feelings change that's how it will probably be.

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