Dating a terminally ill person criss angel who is he dating

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Who was prescribed and ingested over 45 different types of antidepressants, psychotropics, sleeping pills, mood stabilizers, anti-anxiety and stimulants to name some of the most dangerous poisons that the psychiatric field, medical field and Big Pharma colluded to distribute for financial benefits - has come to believe that at the age of 60 my term with my existence on this earth may be near a lethal stage.I have been and still am afflicted with other medically intriguing, dangerous and frightening issues per my health.Do you have tons of money set aside to help that person raise the child? In addition, have you thought about the fact that the other person is looking for someone to spend the rest of THEIR life with?Or a hefty insurance policy that they could use to put this child through college? I mean, after you pass away, they are going to be in the same position they are in now only this time with a child!Seriously, you have got to be incredibly self-centered to think that what you are doing on this site is acceptable. What you want is completely not fair to the other person.Now is it fair to have child with someone knowing you will not be able to assist in raising them. I have no interest in knowing you.” ______________________________________________________________________________ As you can see she has “terminally ill” and “chronically ill” mixed up and was very quick to judge me and assume.

I have been single for 6 years and figure it is time to find love since I am tired of being alone.

I cared for my two younger sisters as my mother lay dying in the room directly below. This can paralyze and break a person's will to live.

And as I vividly recall the trauma and injustices as such in the aforementioned words as I have described them I certainly realize that I'm nobody's fool.

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I have been talking to this girl for about a week on a dating site.

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