Dating agencies for executives

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Dating agencies for executives

Our strategy is to collaborate with you and create a search plan that will produce results.

By combining our matchmaking expertise with highly skilled executive recruiting methodologies we’ll tailor your search around your specifics and increase the odds of finding you that special someone you’ve been looking for!

“Charlee and Megan have created something truly exceptional by collaborating with other matchmakers. ” “I have worked with Megan for many years and was very fortunate to be her business partner in 2013.

This sets them apart and puts them in a league of their own. ” I find it brilliant how Executive Matchmakers is collaborating with other matchmaking firms in the US to best serve their clients.

Although Executive Life Partners is Toronto based, we are capable of extending our search services to any city in North America.

Staying up late, giving up your weekends, and missing out on time spent with your loved ones are some of the sacrifices you may have made.

When you value perseverance and a satisfying career, it’s a trait you tend to look for in dates and partners.

Quite a few, according to Executive Matchmakers, a new Marin-based firm that is believed to be the first and only match-making service exclusively for men of means.

So in honor of the professionals who pair us up when we’re too busy to date,not finding quality matches, or choosing the wrong people again (and again), let’s celebrate the holiday with matchmakers’ best dating advice.

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Elite Singles was founded around 2002 and was one of the first dating websites specifically for highly educated daters and those who admire them.