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(See also: Sizzle and Fizzle, below.) Whichever the case may me, the relationship has already ended for the disinterested partner—they just haven’t told you yet.When it comes to love, communication skills are learned over time through the trials and tribulations of dating and relationships.In order to be ultimately rewarding for both parties, interest in and dedication to the relationship must be relatively equal. Rights is a recipe for chronic dissatisfaction not only for your partner, but also for each person he or she becomes involved with.Having stronger feelings toward someone than he or she can reciprocate is a recipe for heartbreak, no matter whether your relationship has been going on for three weeks or three months. The Slow Burn This relationship should have ended a long time ago, but has persisted into a slow and agonizing confirmation of one’s worst suspicions that the relationship is just not working out.After you’ve worked out your feelings, though, congratulate yourself for not dating someone with the breakup coping skills of someone in high school of early college years—you deserve more than that!Sizzle and Fizzle How could something that felt so right now suddenly feel so wrong, sometimes to the point of, “What was I thinking?

Because there are lacks in the relationship, one or both partners may begin taking on outside interests in secret, even if beginning only in his or her mind as fantasies.

Not the right combination of compatibility and chemistry.

Chemistry is the physical attraction component, and compatibility is composed of the personality traits and attributes that in the right combination can persevere through a lifetime.

Your partner likes you and enjoys your company, but got cold feet when the relationship started to feel committed and more serious.

Usually this point is breached within three to six months from the start of the relationship.

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How could something so promising for you become so passe for your partner?

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