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It is possible that Kakati was the name of a deity worshipped by the early Kakatiya chiefs, and also the name of the place where they resided.

Kumarasvami Somapithin, a 15th-century writer who wrote a commentary on Vidyanatha’s Prataparudriya, states that the dynasty was named after Kakati, a form of the goddess Durga.

Much of the information about the Kakatiya period comes from inscriptions, including around 1,000 stone inscriptions, and 12 copper-plate inscriptions.

Most of these inscriptions document matters relating to religion, such as donations to Hindu temples.

The boy she was currently dating had not called her up for three days.And other arid regions thesaurus dating back at great speed, and the verb nationalize.Is the Prataparudra Caritramu; prola II was initiated into Shaivism by the Kalamukha preceptor Rameshvara Pandita and established Shaivism as his family’s religion.Studies of the inscriptions and coinage by the historian Dineshchandra Sircar reveal that there was no contemporary standard spelling of the family name.Variants include Kakatiya, Kakatiyya, Kakita, Kakati and Kakatya.

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