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While this can be a good thing, others may view it as arrogance.Make sure your over-confidence doesn’t sometimes come off as well-meaning bragging.Even just spotting a celebrity in your dream — say, seeing Nicki Minaj across a crowded room, or having Nick Jonas cut you off in rush hour traffic — holds meaning.It could "signifi[y] your high aspirations, that may be way beyond your reach at the present moment." Which might mean that you have bigger dreams than you let yourself acknowledge when you're awake — so if celebs randomly start popping up in your REM cycle, that's a good reason to pay attention.But here's some good news — a sex dream about a celebrity can signify "a drive to be successful," often in a realm where said celebrity has achieved success. It's you, doing red carpet interviews for your hot new project!So all that sweaty, naked thrusting could just be your brain expressing a of enthusiasm for a particular art form or professional arena. Alternately, a celeb sex dream could just be the end product of spending too many waking hours mooning over said famous person — which was not the deal with my Dane Cook dream AT ALL, so don't even suggest it (why do people keep suggesting it?!? It's you, getting millions of bizarre, thirsty comments on an Instagram you posted of your shoes! But while it might feel awesome, it's not just a sign that all those hours you spent playing last year finally paid off.Celebrities call our attention so easily, so a dream about celebrities can reflect our own desire for attention and admiration. Your celebrity dream can take several forms, but most have to do with the way others see you and the way you present yourself in everyday life.

But while having celebrity dreams can sometimes feel embarrassing, and lead to self-critical thoughts like, "I have friends and a family and an actual real life — so why do I just keep dreaming about Miley?

Ready to unravel the secret meaning behind five of your most common celeb-packed dreams?

With an assist from "definitive dream interpretation site" Dream Moods, we've decoded what's really going on when the inside of your sleeping mind looks like a VMAs after-party.

," celebrity dreams are totally normal and extremely common (particularly among people who eat a lot of cheddar cheese, for some reason).

So rest (literally) assured: dreaming about celebrities doesn't mean that you're more interested in the lives of famous folks than your own.

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No shame in that game — not only are celebrity sex dreams common; they can often leave us embarrassed or confused about what they could possibly symbolize.