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“As an anthropologist I know very well that culture makes a huge difference,” she tells .“Some of these differences are more obvious than others.However, she recommends reading up on your destination’s culture plenty before you approach a handsome stranger. “Check out different travel sites and blogs to get an idea of the culture prior to your trip.” Understanding the culture before pursuing a romantic partner does more than just protect you from an embarrassing faux pas.

“It is okay for an American woman to cry, vent, even playfully hit her partner, but none of these are acceptable for American men.” Social conditioning helps to determine how we express ourselves emotionally and otherwise, Morris suggests.One of the earliest and most fundamental findings in the field of linguistics is that our perception of accents is much more deeply connected to the social and cultural trappings we associate with them than with their objective sonic qualities.All the way back to the 1960s, linguists have used something known as the “matched-guise technique” to test listeners’ attitudes toward a given language, dialect, or accent by blindly rating them based on a certain set of criteria.Social norms change from culture to culture, and a simple act of flirting in one country could be seen as offensive in another.Dating and relationship expert Kayla Kalinski says that dating foreign men is a terrific way to understand other ways of life.

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“Again, do your research to understand different gestures in different cultures,” Kalinski says.