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Dating innacurate

An initial diagnosis (which is an informed opinion) may prove to be incorrect after more extensive examination or further tests.

However, if the patient’s records reflect the doctor’s diagnosis at the time, the records are not inaccurate, because they accurately reflect that doctor’s opinion at a particular time.

Although this reaction is understandable, if their existing supplier did close their account, and another supplier opened a new account, then records reflecting what actually happened will be accurate.

In such cases it makes sense to ensure that the record clearly shows that an error occurred.

It will usually be obvious whether personal data is accurate.

You must always be clear about what you intend the record of the personal data to show.

What you use it for may affect whether it is accurate or not.

Keeping a record of the mistake and its correction might also be in the individual’s best interests.

Example A misdiagnosis of a medical condition continues to be held as part of a patient’s medical records even after the diagnosis is corrected, because it is relevant for the purpose of explaining treatment given to the patient, or for other health problems.

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Individuals understandably do not want their records to be tarnished by, for example, a penalty or other charge that was later cancelled or refunded.