Dating life in new york city

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If you can afford to spend that extra dollar for a bigger place, then do so. Living with other people is more difficult than most people first believe.Even when you think that you know someone very well before you shack up together, you will most certainly be surprised what you still manage to learn about them once they move in.I always lucked out with my apartments, but some apartments that I visited were basically glorified closets.Your living environment affects you more than you think. I look at my living experience in New York as a practice marriage.They don't care about the business because it isn't theirs; they're just trying to make a paycheck. You have to care enough to make up for your entire staff.19. Whenever you are already running late, expect the subway to make it a whole lot worse. If you're going to take a bus, you're most likely better off walking.The bus system in New York is fine when going uptown or downtown, but crosstown is a nightmare.On the up side, these people are good to know because they will always hook it up if you befriend them — no one can say no to some free tapas — and are also a lot of fun to party with. They will work ridiculous hours a week, doing the jobs that no one really wants for low wages.I had the pleasure of working with many of them and have great respect for their the courage to come to New York, live in sh*tty conditions and send money back to their families.18. I have worked every position there is in a restaurant and have found serving to be the easiest — with the greatest money to stress and responsibility ratio. It's not that their job is difficult; they just don't care enough to try.

Most people won't think twice about taking advantage of you.

As long as you can bring at least one sexy woman, then you'll have no problems.10. Women are likely to go out to hang with the girls or to dance around a bonfire of unlit purses.15.

If people think you have money, they'll ask you for it. Most girls are clear on what they want and will let you know. Women, on the other hand, seem to like to go out for the specific purpose of not getting laid. Price is not an issue if the cocktail is good enough.

You may very well find yourself living with someone that feels like a complete stranger.

I have several friends who swear they had roommates that stole jewelry and/or cash from them.

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