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His love for leather was exemplified by a willingness to give freely of his knowledge, to build leathercraft as an art form, as well as a craft, and to encourage others by his personal example.

In 1962 one of his most precious dreams came true; the opportunity to share his 20 years of knowledge with students of all ages and backgrounds, in the convenience of their own homes, through the mail.

As a youngster, Al's passion was utilizing his spare time to sketch the animals that lived in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. It was then that he toyed with a GI issue leather belt to learn about the unique qualities of leather, using only a pocket knife and some filed nails.

Al Stohlman had his first experience with leatherwork in 1942 while stationed in New Guinea while serving for the U. It wasn't long before Al discovered the need for certain tools and the importance of using a mallet or striking stick to achieve greater depth and detail to his projects.

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The museum also has on display leather art pieces by many of the past Al Stohlman Achievement Award winners.

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