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Dating vintage canniong jars

They are well used and that is ok as long as they are in good condition. they light up automatically at night when the sun goes down. The regular mouth one I put in a quart size vintage jar that is a pretty blue color. Many of my jars are old and have been used for many years. The lids need to be in full sun to power up all day… If the jars are usable for canning just be sure and check the rims for any chips. You never know you might even have a valuable gem in there that collectors are seeking. The jars you see above on the windowsill are jars I've picked up in various auctions, yardsales, estate sales. I love placing them in my windows for the light to shine through. There are many people more artsy than me that have made wonderful decorative pieces from antique canning jars. Put several jars together in a vintage canner rack, add some hangers and you have a pretty outdoor chandelier. She just adds lids and makes them pretty for use as lights. I'm not an expert on antique canning jars but I've been told that in the Red Book it is listed as a 2367... If they are very old (antique canning jars with colored glass and bubbles in the glass) you don't want to use them for canning. She then cleans them up and makes beautiful solar canning jars lights.

I found some old old antique canning jars under the house in the cellar. If there is any botulism there it can make animals just as sick as people.One prominent observer noted that "...bottles made for foods are quite numerous and, in fact, constitute a large portion of bottles made..." (Munsey 1970).This is likely true in regards to the numbers of items produced which if included with the Medicinal, Chemical & Druggist Bottles types would certainly represent a majority of bottles produced since the early 19th century. Be sure and throw it away where animals won't get into it. Of course I'm assuming you know that you need to throw the food away.

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The one significant exception to this statement would be the fruit/canning jar category which has generated significant interest (and references) from collectors (Munsey 1970).

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