Dead end dating wiki

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Dead end dating wiki

A road trip movie where the destination is clear but the intent is hidden, Ognjen Glavonić’s The Load is something of a taut genre film with political subtext.

Set in Yugoslavia during the 1999 Kosovo War (that ultimately concluded with the catastrophic NATO bombing that went unapproved by the UN Security Council), The Load goes micro in its study of a truck driver who’s trying to make ends meet by driving unknown cargo from one destination to another.

Founded in 1999 by Maren Ade and Janine Jackowski at their Munich film school, Komplizen has gone on to produce a body of work that displays a keen and consistent intelligence, is distinctive to their own tastes and avoids the whiff—evident even with many fine arthouse production houses—of the cookie-cutter.

Komplizen has produced Ade’s three films to date, providing a backbone to their experiments in other fields and giving them the confidence to draw other directors and co-producers into the fold.

Third-wave feminist trailblazers Bikini Kill reunited to play a few shows in Los Angeles, New York and London—their first time playing together since I was three years old in 1997—and I couldn’t finagle my way into getting a single ticket.

They sold out in literally one second, and the original - ticket price was already a huge chunk of change for me, not considering that tickets were selling for quadruple times the face value on Stub Hub.

The show’s ostensible hero (marshal Seth Bullock, played by Timothy Olyphant) and villain (saloon owner… Being John Malkovich, Jonze’s devious debut feature, creates from our schizophrenic celebrity culture an original comedy that is as affecting as…

Ready or Not’s million budget and 26-day shooting schedule are modest for a wide theatrical release, but for cinematographer Brett Jutkiewicz the scale is downright gluttonous compared to past efforts like Benny and Josh Safdie’s feature debut Daddy Longlegs, Sundance entry Them That Follow and the micro-budget Civil War drama Men Go to Battle. Read more By Matt Mulcahey Toni Erdmann, A Fantastic Woman, Western, Tabu, Syndromes: Each bears the name Komplizen Film as either primary or co-producer.

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Dead End (aka Detour) is as creepy, dark, and depressed as they come.

Even though a good chunk of the population witnessed the murder.

While this mystery remains unsolved, another mystery came to mind as I binge-watched the six-parter.

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It revisits a surreal episode in American vigilante history in which the small town bully of Skidmore, Missouri was shot to death while sitting in his truck, his wife by his side.