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Each dungeon is reminiscent of something like , with hidden secrets and loot around each corner.You move a single character around the stage at each time, but swapping between characters allows you to access their special abilities as you move.The world is surrounded in black, except for the areas to your left and right, displaying two chests.As you begin to move around the world, you build out the abilities you have in the game, earning notifications for your unlocks.Meanwhile, the battle system in is standard JRPG turn-based fare.

is the perfect game for fans of old-school turn-based RPGs from the 1990s.

, there’s no shortage of challenging, engaging stories being told in gaming.

Of course, not everyone wants to head to their local Best Buy to pick up a Nintendo Switch or a PS4 for gaming.

It’s all very standard JRPG fare, but it’s one of the best implementations I’ve seen from this style of gameplay in a long time.

The battle system also makes use of a unique mechanic, “overcharge,” which is generated by using standard attacks.

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The Play Store is filled with RPGs promising action, adventure, and unique battle systems, but not every game deserves your time and attention.