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A particularly common kind of rolling-element bearing is the ball bearing.The bearing has inner and outer races between which balls roll.A rolling element rotary bearing uses a shaft in a much larger hole, and cylinders called "rollers" tightly fill the space between the shaft and hole.As the shaft turns, each roller acts as the logs in the above example.Roller bearings typically have higher radial load capacity than ball bearings, but a lower capacity and higher friction under axial loads.If the inner and outer races are misaligned, the bearing capacity often drops quickly compared to either a ball bearing or a spherical roller bearing.

I've been thinking, we should do like some online dating. You can choose within say twenty kilometers or a hundred kilometers.

However, a load on an infinitely small point would cause infinitely high contact pressure.

In practice, the ball deforms (flattens) slightly where it contacts each race much as a tire flattens where it contacts the road.

Jonathan: No, you don't have a date through the computer. If you only go to bars, to try to meet people, you're only meeting a small percentage of the population: the people who do like to go out and drink and have fun, and so on. You can see a lot of basic information about people even before you're ever in contact with them.

They always don't have time to go out and meet people. You can put up a profile of yourself, you know, with a picture if you like, or perhaps you would like to stay more and not put your picture up.

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As the stone is pulled, the logs roll along the ground with little sliding friction.

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