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Eskimo dating

These Pre-Dorset people in the Arctic, at least, appear to have been more numerous than their Independence I predecessors, perhaps because of a superior technology, especially a very effective type of harpoon called a A harpoon with a detachable head which, when driven into an animal, twists, or 'toggles,' in order to secure the prey.The harpoon head is attached to a line held by hunters.", which was much more efficient than the older forms.Only now are these ancient ivory and bone pieces being unearthed, excavated by the direct descendants of the older times Yupiks that worked it, leaving this treasure that became buried as a blessing for their great great grandchildren. The Thule were the direct ancestors of the Inuit who now inhabit the Canadian north.Palaeo-Eskimo peoples may be remotely related to the Inuit, but they are not the direct ancestors of any modern Arctic people.Palaeo-Eskimo An archaeological culture refers to the pattern of remains left behind by a distinct group of people.Culture in the anthropological, as opposed to the archaeological, sense can be defined as the sum total of socially-learned and transmitted behaviour." appears to have had its origin in Alaska a little more than 4,000 years ago.The first Palaeo-Eskimo people to arrive in the Canadian high Arctic were probably the Independence I people, named after Independence Fjord in northeast Greenland where their artifacts were first described.

These houses had a pavement of flat stones and a A place where a fire was maintained inside a Palaeo-Eskimo mid-passage house (i.e., a house with an entry in the middle and a clearly defined 'passage' separate from the sleeping area of the house)." constructed of upright slabs of stone set in the ground.Excavated from the ancient Yupik Eskimo village Kukuluk (coo coo' look) and traditional hunting camp sites (dating up to 10,000 years old) on St. From the west coast of the island the snow covered mountains of Siberia can be seen looming in the distance only 60 miles away.Eskimo people known as Siberian Yupik have for over 5,000 years used ivory for their tools and utensils, it was easier to work than stone and wood is rare that far to the north.Years of burial have given these intriguing ivory and bone pieces a deep rich color.These pieces were hidden from the world for centuries, when they were discarded in the village middens (dumps) along with tusks and bones of walrus, whales and seals.

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These people left behind very distinctive tools that are often made of bright, almost jewel-like A hard variety of sedimentary rock, similar to flint.

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