Ex girlfriend dating someone new

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Ex girlfriend dating someone new

She said one of the things she wanted to work on was not feeling like she owed anyone or was obligated to do anything, so she decided to do something for herself for once.I asked her some questions about her new bf that she refused to answer because she didn't want to hurt me any more, and then I said a bunch of mean and hurtful stuff about both of them and she stopped responding.(((AGAIN, I KNOW THIS WAS A BAD IDEA AND MY FAULT)))I apologized shortly after, but she still didn't respond.

After all, I was angry, but I spent almost a quarter of my life with her, so I did still care.

There were a couple of reasons for the breakup (not getting the attention and support she needed, she felt like she wasn't as free to be herself as she would have liked, etc.), and it sucked for a while, but I sort of figured out what I wanted to work on as an individual as a result, and she did the same. I'm an engineering student, so this basically meant I was locked in my room studying all day for two weeks or so.

In this post-breakup phase, we were still friends and hung out every now and again, talked and supported each other (we still considered each other best friends), had sex a few times (including one night where we agreed we would pretend like the whole breakup never happened), and generally speculated that we may try again in the future after we both worked on ourselves for a bit. It also meant my depression (which was fairly moderate beforehand, I didn't feel it was significant enough to warrant therapy or medication) got substantially worse, and I generally felt overwhelmed and exhausted.

Just stop making things worse and live your life, no words that you speak are going to change her reality. It's fun and completely takes your mind off things.

I started picking up more ice time which I found helped out. Also, rediscover who your friends are and keep regular contact.

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Its not a scummy PUA (pick-up artist) book, but really teaches you how to find self worth in dating women. If you ran into a pretty girl right now you would probably have no problem dating her.