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The real villains in this movie are Andy’s friends and boyfriend. Her coworkers don’t owe her a damn thing and expect her to do her job. Her friends owe her love and support during a challenging time in her life. Not even her boyfriend, who would be working constant nights and weekends as a lowly line cook in a presumably nice New York restaurant, has any empathy for her situation. Yeah, she does a few wack things, but nothing that couldn’t be addressed by an honest, mature conversation that stems from “We’re concerned about you,” instead of “You’re being a complete dick and we’re abandoning you.” If this movie is the best Andy’s loved ones can do, she’s better off with Emily and Miranda.

I guess Andy is the only girl in Manhattan who can’t manage it all and has to deprioritize things she actually enjoys so she can fully execute her professional duties. (But aren’t we ALL better off with Emily and Miranda anyway?

Because if that’s what you mean, then you bet your fucking ass I’m drinking the Kool-Aid!

Oh, hey, and when I walked up weren’t you giving a lecture about how to make French fries? They moved to New York to be poor and stressed and overworked and underpaid just like Andy did, because if you’re not in finance that’s what everyone moves to New York for in their early 20s.

Here we see Andy lightly carousing with her friends and explaining that she just got a job at is a prestigious title and Priestly is a big deal.You’re allowed to grow and evolve and realize that you were kind of an asshole at the start of this movie and you don’t have to be that person anymore.Maybe you’re getting Nate gets a pass on this one, because missing your significant other’s birthday is pretty wack. But saying, “Don’t worry about it” even after he stayed up just to dramatically go to bed in front of her is a “worry about it” move.) and they get e mails from her at 2 am and she’s still at work (because Miranda is probably traveling internationally all the time and that’s what assistants do). Surely it’s not helping your stressed, broke and over-worked daughter to be told she’s doing a job that’s beneath her.He also says she doesn’t write anything and then goes for the classic not-living-up-to-your-potential put down: “I’m just trying to understand why someone who gets accepted into Stanford Law turns it down to be a journalist, and now you’re not even doing that.” Andy tries to explain how many connections she’ll make and this job and says, “This is my break. He gives her money and that is nice, but hopefully by the next time they have dinner he’ll be able to muster a little more encouragement and a little less over-the-top-of-the-glasses judgement.

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any more times — and I want to, so badly — without making a record of how horrible the ultimate message of this movie is, which is that if you work hard and do your best and take your job seriously, all of your loved ones are justified in imposing their selfish priorities on you, and you’ll ultimately be wrong in the end if you chose to prioritize yourself. But as soon as her life is inconvenient for them they’re less keen on her lack of work life balance.

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