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Four dating rules

You can also require that your teen goes on dates where other Christians will be present.Pros: Going on a date with another couple helps hold your teen responsible and resist temptation.The Solution: Try using that age as a "review" age.Tell your teen that you will talk about dating when he or she is ____ years old.Christian teens face a lot of the same temptations as other young people, so having friends there can be helpful.Cons: The other couple may not share the same values as your Christian teen.Also, try to meet the other couples so that you can feel more comfortable about your teen associating with him or her.

Cons: Demanding that your child waits until marriage to have sex without explaining why may backfire.Having a clear understanding of why they should wait can help teens make better decisions.Pros: Telling your teen to be careful when holding hands, kissing, or touching can help him or her avoid situations that can end up going too far.List and explain 4 dating rules that you and your parents or guardian should discuss.- Hello Friend question and answers, In sharing this time titled List and explain 4 dating rules that you and your parents or guardian should discuss.

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Setting this rule alone can breed lying and inappropriate activities.

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