Free date no cadit card see potos

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Free date no cadit card see potos

The issuers below make it easy to find pre-qualification offers, providing quick online applications that will only require your name, address, birthday, and the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Discover | Capital One | Citibank | Bank of America The Discover pre-approval process is simple and can be completed entirely online through the Discover website.

You’ll need to be opted in for credit card offers — this is automatically the case, unless you’ve purposefully opted out — and have your popup blockers disabled, since most offers appear in a popup.

You then go to an eligible retailer’s online store and place a few items in your shopping cart.

Bank of America’s card offerings include several no-annual-fee options with solid rewards, as well as a range of co-branded cards like its MBL series and nonprofit Affinity cards.

in the legal sense, one of the universal “laws” of the bureaucratic world of paperwork and fine print seems to be: Where there’s a will — there’s a loophole.

Pre-Qualifying | Shopping Cart Trick While the idea of skirting the rules and avoiding a hard credit inquiry is appealing to many prospective applicants — particularly the churners who most readily accrue inquiries — the fact of the matter is that inquiries generally can’t be avoided if you want a new line of credit.

According to reports, accepting this offer should result in only a soft credit pull, rather than a hard pull.

However, some reports warn that if, at any time, you are asked for your full Social Security number (rather than only the last four digits), it may end up being be a hard pull.

While this trick reportedly only works reliably with store cards offered by Comenity Bank, it may work with some cards from Synchrony and Wells Fargo.

We’ve put together a few of the cards that have been reported to qualify for the shopping cart trick below, but remember that your own experience — and success rate — will likely vary.

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Continue the checkout process as normal, being sure all the information you enter is the same as shown on your credit report, including your name and address.

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