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Friends dating powered by azdg

Once she sees Jon taking Odie for a walk, she gets an idea.

At that moment, the episode is interrupted to show the dating history of Jon hosted by Garfield.

" "Super Sonic Seymour" "A Mildly Mental Mix-Up" "The Garfield Rap" Season 6: "A Vacation From His Senses" "The Incredibly Stupid Swamp Monster" "Dread Giveaway" "The Wright Stuff" "Orson Express" "Safe at Home" "Jon The Barbarian" "Uncle Roy to the Rescue" "Kitten and the Council" "Next Door Nuisance" "What's It All About, Wade?

" "Bigfeetz" "Canine Conspiracy" "Snow Wade and the 77 Dwarfs Part 1" "The Genuine Article" "The Best Policy" "Snow Wade and the 77 Dwarfs Part 2" "Fishy Feline" "The Pie-Eyed Piper" "Fine Feathered Funny Man" "Sweet Tweet Treat" "The Floyd Story" "How Now, Stolen Cow?

After Monica straightens the whole thing up, her father concludes that Jon is more of a dork than Morton is and lets them to be.

When Jon wonders what had happened, Garfield says he is lucky that his record and kneecaps are still intact.

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The episode resumes where it left off where Jon is walking to meet his date.