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Pickup artists teach their pupils (not inaccurately) that taking someone’s hand, touching a shoulder, or even moving into one-on-one conversations are indications of interest, and a signal to keep escalating, in the hopes of transitioning to a hookup.

Due to the hypersexualization of our culture, true friendship has become an endangered practice.

By myself I am not large enough to all the whole man into activity; I want other lights than my own to show all his facets.

Now that Charles is dead, I shall never again see Ronald’s reaction to a specifically Caroline joke.

This sort of camaraderie stretches far beyond the burping, scratching gamer-fest that Fiene describes in his article.

This sort of mature friendship touches on the soul, the intellect, and the feeling, proffering stability even in singleness or discontent.

In today’s culture, however—in which, as Libresco notes, every gesture of friendship becomes a hint at potential foreplay—singles often miss out on the possibility of wholesome, fulfilling, emotionally-satiating friendship.

Same-sex, “straight” friendships must remain relatively aloof and barbaric (if one is to read Fiene’s description of male friendship as literal), to set participants apart from rumors of same-sex attraction.

Meanwhile, straight female friendship—especially among singles—has increasingly become fixated on the male eye and interest.

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Friendship formed the foundation of their future marriage. As Lewis writes on this very subject, When the two people who thus discover that they are on the same secret road are of different sexes, the friendship which arises between them will very easily pass—may pass in the first half-hour—into erotic love.