Gale harold dating randy

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Gale harold dating randy

Shooting of the Civil War drama began that week (June 2, 2013) The movie is directed by Sean Mc Namara, produced by Thomas Farrell and is based on the novel The Battle of New Market by William C. In 2014, Harold participated in different projects including the short film "Thirst" that was directed by Rachel Mc Donald and premiered at the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland on August 7, 2014, On October 14, 2008, Harold was hospitalized at USC Medical Center's intensive care unit after a serious motorcycle accident.

He remained in critical condition after swelling of the brain was discovered as well as a fractured shoulder.

The CW picked up The Secret Circle for the fall of 2011.

The series revolved around a coven of teenage witches in a small town in Washington State (changed from Maine in the novels), each a member of a different witch clan dating back to the 17th Century.

Alongside childhood idol David Bowie, Gale is an associate producer of the documentary Scott Walker: 30 Century Man. Harold's co-stars in the Roundabout Theatre repertory production, a limited Off-Broadway engagement running through January 20, 2007, were Blythe Danner and Carla Gugino.

Gale Harold returned to the New York stage in Tennessee Williams' play Suddenly, Last Summer on November 15, 2006, in the role of Dr. Harold was the male lead in the indie romantic comedy Falling for Grace, which debuted favorably at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival (under working title East Broadway).

He worked a variety of jobs including construction, bartender, waiter, and apprentice motorcycle mechanic and restorer.

In 1997, a friend, Susan Landau, daughter of actor Martin Landau, suggested Harold try acting.

At the Rise 'n Shine Convention (June 9, 2013), Harold said that he was currently working on a project about Civil War, Field of Lost Shoes.

In January and February 2010, Harold performed alongside Denise Crosby (Star Trek: The Next Generation) and ex-model Claudia Mason in Tennessee Williams' Orpheus Descending at Theater/Theatre in Los Angeles.

The production and cast received mostly positive reviews, with the Los Angeles Times calling his performance "brilliant" and adding "Harold, ideally cast, beautifully ignites with Crosby, whose unconventional interpretation is an affecting revelation." The series concluded its season with Harold's character involved in a affair with the show's lead character Marti (played by Aly Michalka).

He was creepy as hell threatening Adam's father (Adam Harrington) and even creepier when he was putting on the nice guy act for Cassie... But he’s got some past history with Amanda (played by Julie Benz) and I think he’s sort of trying to get reunited with her on some level.

He’s really interested in having her come on board with his vision of how the Government should be run.

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Harold played a scheming and powerful male witch who is the father of one of the teenagers. He sort of walks the line between diplomacy and some of the more hard-knuckled aspects of the world that they’re all in–this post-apocalyptic tribal war zone.

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