Gridview update not updating

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Gridview update not updating

I change a name from "Clyde" to "Charles" and I click "Update". I can click on "Edit" and the current record goes into Edit Mode. If we are calling the Data Bind() method of the Grid View, its logical to assume that this would trigger a callback and refresh the gridview, but that is not happening.

Here is my code, could someone give it a look see what I'm doing wrong. I have followed, with precision, the instructions found in the "Lesson 8: Working with Grid View and Form View" video from the "Videos for ASP.

Finally, on the same page, but NOT within the Grid View, is the form for editing the currently selected item.

It includes the textbox as follows: Now, within the Text Changed event handler for the Textbox, the following line of code modifies the property of the selected item in the Grid View (I am aware that there are performance hit implications for using Text Changed instead of Lost Focus, but I will address that after I get the basic concept working): So, when running, I select different items in the Grid View.

I have a Conference datatype, that includes a Name property (of type string). The gridview looks something like this (some properties eliminated here for brevity): Note that the XML namespace "data:" is properly defined to reference the namespace the "Conference" datatype is defined in.

There are no compile errors, only unexpected (or in this case altogether missing) behavior when the program runs.

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The Update Panel contains a textbox for search, a button to submit the search and a Grid View control that is supposed to return the results.