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Hacked adult webcam

The mailed Bitcoin blackmail letters are meticulous and persuasive, because they’re intentionally sent to people in affluent suburbs, and each one costs money to send, at least the cost of a stamp.

This letter is a lot sloppier, but some less technically sophisticated users may fall for the technobabble about RDP, key loggers, and the double-screen video.

(Some data breaches have included user emails and plaintext password lists; those lists are obviously for sale by unscrupulous individuals, which makes it easy to generate emails like this.) Since many people unwisely use the same password on multiple sites, this ploy immediately gets your attention.

Unlike the blackmail letters, these emails are very easy to send efficiently.

This particular scam is done for because spam blockers are catching it, but, as Krebs on Security predicts:[A]s this scam gets refined even more, perpetrators will begin using more recent and relevant passwords — and perhaps other personal data that can be found online — to convince people that the hacking threat is real.

The poorly written Nigerian prince emails are designed to appeal to idiots — they’re full of transparently stupid stuff, limiting the audience to people greedy and credulous enough to share their bank account details with a stranger.If seeing your password has put you in a state of fear and you’re so out of touch that you use the same password on lots of accounts, this might push you into responding.But the letter can’t be too off, since it has to appeal to people with at least the minimal level of sophistication needed to figure out how to use Bitcoin.email addresses) and passwords stolen in some of the biggest data breaches to date.I still find it revealing that most scams and phishing attempts give themselves away by their sloppy writing and formatting.

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Perhaps this is one more reason that we, as readers, need to become more sophisticated about writing, because of what it reveals about the people who send emails, including scams like this one.