Internet disconnected while updating blackberry

Posted by / 19-Oct-2020 20:10

Case 1: Downloading.- Worst case: you’ll have to download everything from scratch again when you have internet again.- Best case: The phone cached downloaded progress and you’ll continue from it when you have internet again. The new version image has been downloaded and save to the phone storage and the system installing from the image.

Append a space to this, followed by ” stop wzcsvc” (don’t forget the space before stop).It’s as simple as following the steps above and selecting Start to restart the service but how annoying, right?The PCWorld article has the answer: Open Windows Explorer and navigate to C: Windows System32 (or C: Winnt System32 if you’re running Windows 2000). Right-drag it onto the desktop and choose Create shortcut(s) here when you drop it. Just got stuck up in work and completely forgot about it.Try this, I have faced the problem a lot of times and don't worry, it will definitely work.

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