Intimidating coworkers

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A one-time occurrence may not weigh much in establishing a cause of action.

Notwithstanding, the more frequent, or severe the conduct, the more chance to complain to the Federal Court or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission(EEOC).

An employment lawyer can assist in determining if there is a claim and how to preserve it.

If a boss makes employment decisions like job assignments or permits employees to be hostile or create a hostile environment based on the criteria listed above, you are eligible to complain to the Federal Court or EEOC.

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In a situation where your workplace does not comply with anti-harassment policies, you can sue your employer in a federal or state court stating a breach of contract claim.Nevertheless, some states provide employees with widened protections against intimidating co-workers and colleagues.Bullying or intimidation of workers is prohibited by Federal anti-discrimination provisions on age basis (40 and above), national origin, race, sex, disability or religion.Nothing makes a workplace toxic like workplace intimidation.When your employer or colleague subjects you to bullying or other forms of coercion, you are left with no option but to resign.

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