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Intimidating men quotes

Women are no longer required to be homemakers, and the dynamics of modern relationships has dramatically changed over the past couple decades.Relationships 50 or even 30 years ago were pretty much laid out like this: boy meets girl, boy and girl date for a substantial amount of time, boy asks girl’s parents for her hand, they get married, girl moves in with boy, takes care of the home, possibly works a modest job, submits to her husband; but the boy is the breadwinner, decision-maker, authoritarian, “man of the house.” They live like this happily ever after.You are going to tell me how many guards there are here currently. Now, I'm going to ask you a question for one minute. The next three hours of your life can be the most miserable, or you can tell me what I want right now and be sent back to your cell where no one will touch you. "Didn't hurt." Evasion Mettle Breath of the Waves graft.And, you are going to tell me about this wonderful dagger I found. If you refuse to answer me, I will break one of these bones with this hammer. The first minute begins now." That doesnt sound very intimidating... I want to rip you apart and devour every scrap, little morsel. A good, if somewhat overblown one I had for a druid: "Perhaps you've heard of wise men in the woods, peddling herbal remedies and turning people who annoy them into frogs for a few hours. I'm the sort who has my pet ape rip out the throat of anyone who gets in my way." We'd captured this thug who had been hired by someone to attack us, and were trying to interrogate her to figure out who.You DARE to cross the path of that which makes THE FLESH you're of, can easily UNCREATE! You live many, slothful centuries here in your cushy homes, while we fight for our lives among the rocks for just a few decades. [Mon May 18 2009] : (1) GM: "It's a tiny little town, I live there! ) [Mon May 18 2009] : (1) GM: "Uh..." He counts on his fingers. Er, sixteen now." [Mon May 18 2009] : (6) Gabriel: "Sixteen... Good, Jim, we're telling the truth now, and we're happy. Not until morning." [Mon May 18 2009] : (6) Gabriel: "Alright and the last one... He licks the blood from his hand, then looks back at his opponent* "Ahh, the sweet, blissful caress of pain. I promise, I won't disappoint." *maniacal laughter that even the Joker would be envious of* Quite possibly, the best rebuttal I have ever witnessed. Scatter, foul wealkings, before Nature decides to reclaim her self." Back from a lengthy vacation from Giantitp. You willingly fall unconcious for hours, while we can fight for days without rest." It is here I invade his personal space. It's ruled by a man named Jarl, we was keepin' watch for monsters! Everybody's happy." [Mon May 18 2009] : (6) Gabriel: "Only a few more questions and you can be on your way. Do you have any people in your 'village' who might not be happy to be their? Too long has it been since someone has been able to mark me so. Joker Bard - the DM's solution to the Batman Wizard. Or, I will slice your flesh until you do, and tonight I will feed once more on human flesh. if he killed your loved one, he wouldn't mind killing you... I want to devour you, and bring the jerky back to the clutch. The Knight and the Paladin were doing a completely ineffectual job of it, so, as the social-oriented Rogue, I finally shooed them out of the room so I could work. You might also know me as 'the guy who just knocked that guy out with one punch'. I started getting creative in a Savage Worlds campaign, we were trying to rescue hostages from slavers, and this is what I came up with [Mon May 18 2009] : (5) Gabriel: Gabriel sighs and crouches down.I leave the choice entirely up to you." "You want to know something interesting? Sometimes cinematic effects are enough, like last night we were beating the crap out of some beefy dockland mugger, and I pelted him straight in the nose. After closing the door behind them, I turned back to our prisoner, pulled one of the plain old steel daggers I kept secreted about my person, and said to her, "Now that they're gone, we'll get down to business. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm currently accepting challenges." Remember how I was wishing for the peace of oblivion a minute ago? That hasn't exactly changed with more knowledge of the situation. See, you are bothering me very much, because the intimidations you use are all the sorts of things vicious men say to people. " *sigh* *draws knife* "I honestly, and truly wish you could have come up with something" A lot of it is about reluctance, and leaving the details to the imagination. Make it seem like what you are going to do is actually causing you discomfort, and they'll start gibbering like mad! [Mon May 18 2009] : (5) Gabriel: "I don't like killing, its not something I enjoy." [Mon May 18 2009] : (5) Gabriel: "And the idea of killing someone who is helpless, unarmed, and afraid, really leaves a bad taste in my mouth." [Mon May 18 2009] : (1) GM: "Le-le-let me go." [Mon May 18 2009] : (1) GM: ok, hold up, Nick cut out [Mon May 18 2009] : (6) Gabriel (enter): [Mon May 18 2009] : (6) Gabriel: Gabriel rests his blade on the bandits neck, and stares him straight in the eye. " [Mon May 18 2009] : (6) Gabriel: "That's not a very good answer.

Women do not rely on the support of a man to get through life. Here’s why: As previously stated, 40% of women occupy jobs in management or professional fields.Unfortunately, my true position has been discovered and this man here was sent to assassinate me. If one couldnt see his eyes, one would assume he was accepting a dance.I have dealt with him, and now I was planning on interrogating the bastard, to gain as much information as I can. The eyes, though, the black and featureless eyes reveal the pleasure of a man about to do something he enjoys so very, very much.You intimidate men and that’s probably why you have a hard time with guys.” That literally never made sense to me. Then one day, one of my guy friends gave it to me straight. You don’t need anyone, you are intelligent, and you make men feel inferior without even realizing it.” What?How could being intelligent and independent be a bad thing?

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All that was needed was for him to start bleeding into his teeth, and as he turns to us he gives us a great big bloody grin and a mean chuckle as if the pain was naught. You have two choices: You can answer every question I ask, fully and truthfully, and volunteer any information you think I might want to know but haven't thought to ask about, and when we're done, I'll cut your throat with this dagger, and you'll die and proceed to whatever afterlife is in store for you... -Security Chief Victor Jones, formerly of the UESC Marathon. What you need to use is the sorts of things nice men say to people. "So why don't you make this easy for me and tell me everything I want to know." [Mon May 18 2009] : (1) GM: Booting '(5) Gabriel' from room... [Mon May 18 2009] : (6) Gabriel: "What where you doing in that tower! You're going to have to do better than that if you want to walk away from this! But Bubba's been getting real lonely lately..." Quite possibly, the best rebuttal I have ever witnessed.