Intimidating shout focus macro jack quaid and leven rambin dating

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Intimidating shout focus macro

For this reason, I take the increased generated rage in the hopes of dealing significantly more damager over shorter periods of time.

If, however you are partnered up with a healer or for whatever reason you feel like you won’t be targeted as much I would suggest going with War Machine.

If the majority of the DPS is melee I would suggest taking Disarm, however if they are ranged I would take Death Sentence.

Having the ability to have a 15 yard execute rage is god like.

The less you are focused the more damage you can inflict on the enemy, equating in more kills and more War Machine uptime. Personally, I prefer Storm Bolt due to its longer range.

This tier depends purely on the enemy’s composition.Providing you with an additional 10% health is essential.Think of Fury Warriors as glass cannons, dealing arguably the largest single target dps but severely lacking defensive abilities.Above is your core burst with the exception of Avatar you will be able to perform this burst every 50 seconds like clockwork.Tip: Odyn's fury does an insane amount of cleave damage, take that into consideration while bursting.

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#showtooltip Intimidating Shout/cast [target=focus]Charge/cast [target=focus]Intimidating Shout Now to the main macro, your burst.