Is jojo dating andre 3000

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Is jojo dating andre 3000

It’s your middle school homecoming and you’re looking fly in your flirty-dress-over-bell-bottomed-jeans purchased from Limited Too. Jo Jo’s first single “Leave (Get Out)” shot to the top of the 2004 Billboard charts and the CD drives of America’s minivans when she was only 13; her eponymous first album went platinum.

Your hair is slick and your mom flat-ironed the crimps on the back of your head because you’re like that. You’re pretty sure this could be the day ___ leans in to kiss your gloss-lacquered lips. Two years later, she followed up with “Too Little Too Late,” and a sophomore album called . In what I had previously assumed was either a D’Angelo hype-building technique or just the Absolute Worst Puberty Ever, Jo Jo’s absence was caused by legal issues with her record label; Blackground Music and its imprint Da Family Records effectively kept her new music hostage, the artist mostly unable to release anything but mixtapes and You Tube covers until she finagled a contract with Atlantic Records in 2014.

includes the singles “We Get By” and the André 3000-inspired “André.” “This mixtape is meant to be experienced when you have 27-28 minutes to go on a little journey with me and listen to some stories,” said Jo Jo.

“There are interludes, outerludes, random shit, my dad playing harmonica, and a conversation between my whole family at Thanksgiving.” The project doesn’t officially drop until Thursday, but you can stream the “labor of love” in its entirety now.

Since then, the rapper has not made any other appearance with any woman, raising speculations about his sexuality.They soon formed a rap duo ‘2 Shades Deep’ and went to different locations to entertain people.They were soon signed under La Face label after an audition with its co-founder LA Reid.André 3000 via Outkast, may have done a lot of songs with women but has not been seen with any.For this reason, some have given the most possible reason for his weird relationship status, and most of this reasons revolve around the notion that he could be a homosexual.

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He had appeared on music videos like; Walk It Out”, and “Throw Some D’s, and some others.

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