Italy dating game hetalia

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Italy dating game hetalia

"The full story," says Naoto, "will be divulged in episodes that will be posted periodically once they are finished.They will be available not only on Youtube, but as a playable section of the game.Afterwards, a version with less bugs was released; however, a vital error froze the game in this version.The final version was posted shortly afterwards, along with a save file (which leads to a scene prior to the bug in the last version) linked in the comments.

A poor relationship may end in injury and disadvantage in certain situations--but at the same time may reveal certain details not otherwise seen. " As of now, the creators are unwilling to divulge future information, as the alpha demo shows barely a snippet of the story.On , an alpha demo of Insanitalia was released publicly.The first video on the Insanitalia Youtube page was posted 10 June 2014, an episode displaying the gameplay of the released demo.As written in the description of the game, found on the deviation that leads to the direct download: "Insanitalia: An adventure, tension-filled, action-horror genre.You can explore, battle, and make allies and enemies. Note: Your choices in this game will tailor the story.

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He appears only briefly in the demo as the only other nation thus far to interact directly with America.

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