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Justine coupland dating advertisements

This paper begins the process of providing empirical support for a framework which addresses this issue, the Theory of Intercultural Accommodation.It is based on Socio-linguistic Accommodation Theory, but is broader in scope.Through a discursive analysis of the strategies users employ to construct their own identities, and the identities of their desired partners, I argue that identity categories marked as masculine and hunky () identities.

The second era began roughly in the mid-1960s and continued until about 1980.In marketing, Intercultural Accommodation could be manifested at various strategic levels.For example, in marketing communications, the domain of accommodation behaviors would include such things as using spokespersons of similar ethnic background in advertisements, hiring ethnic salespeople, or using language, music, art, national flags or other cultural symbols as part of the brand or promotion.And finally, the conclusion will provide directions for future research on this phenomenon.PREVIOUS RESEARCH ON MARKETING TO ETHNIC GROUPS A brief overview of previous research in North America on marketing to ethnic groups will serve as a frame for the current study.

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A critical portion of the model will be tested in the context of print advertising targeted to African Americans.