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It is therefore at adolescent phase that many young people will start dating and having romantic relationships.At this stage, emotions, feelings and sexual desires are very normal, however, adolescents often find it difficult to practise self-control.When a young person does not have friends, s/he is especially vulnerable to risk-taking behaviour.

It is therefore important to look at interpersonal relationships between parents,children and other members of family, acquaintances, friends, opposite sex, teachers, children, members of religious-, cultural-, and other groups (Engelbrecht, et al, 1989).

The interaction of one person with another, influences each other’s behaviour.

The quality of the interpersonal relationships is extremely important for the success, failure, happiness, unhappinnes and the future life of a person.

Your reasons may vary from others, because you know what is relevant to you. Any discussion on human relationships will need to consider the different people or group of people that constitute this relationship.

With the world becoming more and more complex, the web of relationships also becomes more complex.

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With the onset of puberty and the normal physiological changes that takes place, it is very normal for adolescents to have strong feelings of sexual desires, get attracted to the opposite sex, and fall in love.

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